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Lesson 1

Thank you for your interest in the Simple Striking System 6-Week Course!

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Course overview

The jab

Dealing with feelings of awkwardness

Introduction to partner work & pad holding

Three levels of pad holding

Gloves and other protective pads

Interval Timer

A timer is a great way to structure your training. While you can use a wall clock, wristwatch, or egg timer, I prefer using an interval timer. These allow you to create a number of work and rest periods from simple to complex. Instead of "watching the clock" yourself, the interval timer will let you know when to start and stop.

Interval timers are available in a wide array of options including physical tabletop or wall-mountable devices, browser-based websites, and smartphone apps.

  • You can get physical interval timers with large displays here
  • For my classes and workouts I use this app on my phone (available for both iPhone and Android devices)